Once again… Our Amazing Aussie Med Trek “Veteran” (Australian military and repeat med trekker) is in the news by Red Bull.


This ex-soldier devotes his life to helping people

A lesson in the art of being a good human.

“…whilst we were trekking, one of the RSL Life Care girls came down with an illness – she was vomiting, not holding down water. We were about five hours’ trek from any road.

I told the trekking people that I needed to give the girl fluids. The main guy opened up his bumbag and said, ‘Oh, I’ve got a Panadol.’ They had nothing. So then I asked for a medical evacuation and they couldn’t provide that either. Luckily we had a couple of current Special Forces guys with us, and one of them ran, with a guide, about three hours through the jungle to get a stretcher……”  Read More

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Paramedics Abroad – Stephen Trood, Paramedic Educator from Wagga Wagga, Traveled to Nepal to Volunteer on Medical Trek. (Full article PDF)


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Wagga paramedic trekking through Nepal to help treat residents in remote villages


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Trek Nepal Revelation to Medico

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Supporting Relief and Recovery Through Local Organizations After Nepal Earthquake – (article about our Emergency Medical Treks)


This article was featured in the May issue of GoAbroad.com newsletter about Volunteer Emergency Medical Trek through Trekt Himalaya and Medical Trek Nepal after the earthquake. Read more…

University of Texas Nursing School Praises Medical Trek Nepal

“The things you learn on this kind of journey are things you’ll never see in the classroom,” Chelsea Summer, Medical Trek Volunteer, University of Texas – Austin.


Read more about Chelsea’s Medical Trek Experience here: http://www.utexas.edu/nursing/news/2013/nepal.html

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