Volunteer in Nepal

Join us for Medical Trek Nepal.  If you are a medical professional or medical student, we need your help. In Nepal, healthcare can be nonexistent for those living in rural villages.  You can choose our 2 week trek to remote villages trekking with our medical team and setting up medical camps; or if you are an intern or student who needs credit, choose our 4 week program that includes 2 weeks medical trekking, then 2 weeks interning at a Kathmandu hospital.

Villagers need medical care we provide on Medical Trek Nepal…

In Nepal, people often go years suffering from illnesses or discomforts that are easily cured with basic medical care. The problem is, they have no way to get to hospitals or clinics in the larger cities of Nepal. Many villages are a few days’ walk from the nearest road; many villagers have no money to take a bus to a city once they get to that road. We have a way to help…we bring the medical care to them! This is more than just the average site-seeing trek in Nepal. As a Medical Trek Nepal volunteer, you use your skills to help others while having an adventure of a lifetime.  Be sure to check out some of our highlights from previous treks below, and check out Trekt Himalaya’s news for articles and interviews about our volunteer treks.  Our trekking volunteers get mad props (kudos) around the world!  Find out why this trek is amazing – learn more here! 

What is Medical Trek like?

Check out our photos from past treks here. 

Check out Medical Trek Nepal. Video credit: Abby Martin- Trekkers in June Medical Trek


How You Can Help

With our Village Medical Camps, our team of volunteers sets up a tented medical clinic for three days in each area to treat the men, women, and children of rural Nepal. They get much needed care, and you get an experience of a lifetime! We take you there! Groups and individual sign up available. TREKT Himalaya and Mountain Fund have teamed up to provide you this awesome volunteer opportunity… check out the video and join us for the next Medical Trek Nepal!