Namaste! And Welcome to Medical Trek Nepal.

…  Don’t Just Take A Vacation; Help Us Help Nepal with this amazing volunteer experience.  We need global volunteer doctors, nurses and students.  This trek departs for remote villages 8 times per year – can you join us?  Find out why the most common remark we get about Medical Trek Nepal is “this was a life changing experience.”  Humbling, hard and well worth it. You will make memories and friendships that last a life time on this trek to some of the least seen villages in Nepal.  This is not your average tourist experience, this is a cultural immersion trek where you work side-by-side with a Nepali medical team to treat up to 300 villagers per day without technology.  Field medicine supplies and pharmacy provided with your trekking fee.

Upcoming Med Trek Departures:  Click Here for Dates 

This is an amazing volunteer adventure travel experience! You will be hiking to remote villages in Nepal and set up medical camps to help people who have no access to medical care. Previous trekkers have seen hundreds of villagers show up to the medical camps. Off the beaten track and well worth your time. Docs, nurses, EMTs, students and lay-people welcome to join this trek! Nepal friendship formed on this trek last a lifetime.


Medical Trek Nepal volunteer featured on Red Bull Blog!

stevetroodWe are thankful Steve Trood for what he has done for people in Nepal and Kathmandu Clothing for support his trip.

“Prior to us embarking on the trip, I emailed the trekking company we were travelling with and asked if I needed to bring any medical gear. They replied ‘No, no, we’re covered. We’ve got it all.’ Anyway, whilst we were trekking, one of the RSL Life Care girls came down with an illness – she was vomiting, not holding down water. We were about five hours’ trek from any road…..”  Read more.